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We did that for

Consulting & concept website prepares you optimally for the professional exam. We had a consulting assignment for the website and are responsible for the concept.

Programming & Introduction

We completely designed, developed and programmed the new website. We also have the brand architecture,  the tonality and the  Ordering process completely revised.

Website maintenance & upkeep

So that the users are always informed about the availability of  Learning card  can leave, we are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the website. benefits from this

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Visual appearance from a single source

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More efficient order processing

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Fast & reliable website


frequently asked Questions

What is an ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is generally understood to mean a cross-divisional software solution. This controls the business processes of a company, evaluates them and thus enables efficient planning of all business resources.

What does standard solution mean?

A standardized software solution is off-the-shelf software  and  without individual adjustments. As a rule, a standard solution is sufficient to map and control the vast majority of processes.

What does custom software mean?

Individual software is specially programmed for your specific application. This enables you to precisely map and control all of your individual business processes.

what does one bring me  Cooperation?

Thanks to a cooperation with us, you benefit from individual and professional advice. Together with you, we will find solutions that will give you the best possible support in your future activities.


Digital solutions with added value

«Are you looking for a digital solution for your everyday business?  Then get in touch with us -  we would be happy to advise you personally!»

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